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Service-led Approach to Through-Channel Marketing Generates Higher ROI

[fa icon="calendar"] May 4, 2020 6:36:41 AM / by Joel Montgomery

Joel Montgomery

B2B brands have found it increasingly challenging to reach and engage customers and new buyers across markets and geographies.

To overcome this, brands have found that building strong channels, partners, and alliances are helping to reach these disparate markets to influence purchase decisions and generate leads.

Limited usage of TCMA platforms

Many brands have invested in through-channel marketing (TCM) programs and through-channel marketing automation (TCMA) solutions. However, many have yet to achieve their desired levels of satisfaction and maturity from using TCM and associated TCMA platforms. Oftentimes, the platforms that brands are supplying to partners are not being well utilized.

We asked Forrester Consulting to conduct a survey of partners and brands to evaluate the usage, successes, and shortcomings of TCMA platforms. The result: Just 12% of channel-partner respondents surveyed currently use and are planning to expand usage of brand-provided TCMA platforms.

Why is that? Responses from the survey indicate that small and mid-sized channel partners lack the capability, skills, time and support from brands needed to be effective in executing marketing campaigns. To drive effective execution of TCM campaigns and improve value realization from investment in TCMA platforms, brands must take a service-led approach to through-channel marketing.

Service-led TCM enables high partner participation

It’s clear that through-channel marketing is critical to driving success in the channel.

At OneAffiniti, we quickly learned that taking a programmatic, service-led approach will effectively enable, empower, and engage channel partners. That’s why we see more than 80% partner participation on an ongoing basis.

Having the personal touch to ensure partners understand the value and how to use the tools drives increased utilization and positive outcomes for both brands and partners. For larger partners that have a dedicated marketing staff, having concierge services to act as an extension of their marketing team is the most effective approach to ensure partner success.

Providing high ROI on closed sales

So what does high partner utilization mean for their growth –and for vendor ROI? Unlike most other TCM programs, OneAffiniti works with an attribution model that relies on verified sales receipts, not just pipeline sales. We get copies of sales receipts from the partners and report aggregated numbers back to brands, thus proving true program ROI. On average we see more than a 22:1 ROI based on closed sales receipts.

The combination of solid end-user reach, relevant content, a cutting-edge technology platform, social media platform integration, and dedicated partner marketing consultants drives high partner participation, solid pipelines, closed sales, and, ultimately, strong ROI for brands.

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Joel Montgomery

Written by Joel Montgomery

Joel Montgomery founded OneAffiniti in 2008 which is now the largest employer of Through-Channel Marketing specialists with over 100 staff worldwide. Since beginning his career in channel marketing 20 years ago, Joel has personally helped hundreds of IT channel partners with limited marketing budgets successfully grow their business.