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The Channel Marketplace has assessments of all aspects of your channel success strategy to determine strength and improvement opportunity areas. Please select which assessment you would like to undertake and we'll help you take your Channel to the next level.


Online Self Assessments

Channel Marketplace



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These assessments cover a range of categories that include: 

  • Channel Strategy
  • Partner Experience Infrastructure
  • Partner Marketing
  • Revenue Gen and Rewards
  • Partner Performance Management

Deliverables include:

  • Immediate feedback on your current Channel Performance
  • Recommendations on key actions that can drive improvement
  • Ability to compare your results with your industry peers

Partner Experience Assessment

Is Inspired



Our consultants will conduct an in-depth review of your partner experience, from initial access to the people and systems at the company. We will then develop a recommendation for high impact ways to improve the partner experience using any existing partner feedback data, information gained from interviews with partners and internal stakeholders, and analysis of tools in the channel tech stack.

Deliverables include:

  • Partner Journey Map Comparison
  • Partner Experience & Portal Analysis
  • Quick Win Improvement Recommendations

Marketing Capability Assessment




bChannels Marketing Capability Assessment helps vendors understand a partner’s digital capability, how their products are positioned by the partner and how they are going to market. Combined with how the partner is focused and what spend they are directing to competitor or complimentary brands, this highly scalable data driven assessment enables the alignment of a vendor’s campaign efforts with the partner’s digital skill to maximize campaign engagement, adoption , success and improve speed to revenue.

Deliverables include:

  • Segmentation of your partner ecosystem that identifies by Partner the Digital Capability and Engagement level with your brand and products. Accessed via an intuitive Power BI dashboard
  • Prescriptive analytics on the most effective campaigns to run with each Partner to drive thru-partner marketing demand
  • Segmented partners list for local vendor teams to implement targeted thru-partner marketing campaign activity, in XLS/CSV format

* Price includes: Up to 800 Partners, up to 10 Countries, up to 5 Competitor/complimentary vendors, up to 5 specific products and/or product groups assessed, English language Only.

Infrastructure Assessment

Is Inspired

Price on Request


Is Inspired takes a holistic approach to evaluating the partner experience. Ranging from requirement identification to solution roadmaps, the team is equipped with tools to assess the infrastructure needs of your channel and turn them into tangible wins with long-term business impact.

Deliverables include:

  • Holistic Channel Evaluation of the Partner Experience
  • Business Requirements Development with Key Stakeholders
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Quick Win Identification
  • Channel Solutions Roadmap